Curious Facts About Sandrails

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Sandrails are quite interesting vehicles. Actually, these vehicles can easily be described as lightweight off-road motor cars designed in such was way that they are meant to travel on sandy terrains. Sandrails are the only vehicles that can be driven on sand dunes, for instance. In fact, these cars are absolutely impressive, but a must if you plan on traveling on a sandy area.

Throughout the years, there have been numerous Sandrail vehicles released on the market. Some of the most popular models include Dumont Dunes CA, Coral Pink UT, Oregon Dunes OR, St. Anthony Dunes ID and Algodones Dunes CA. All these cars are impressive. If you think that Sandrails are fascinating, too, you should find out a series of interesting facts about these vehicles. The most important ones are listed below.


  • Even though they are designed specifically to be driven on sand, Sandrails can be used on all types of terrain.
  • The concept on which these vehicles are based was developed in the 1950s.
  • The first car of this kind was designed under the name of the Sportster. The vehicle was developed around 1960.
  • Starting with the 1970s the vehicles became really popular.
  • During this period of time Sandrails models started to become more developed and advanced.
  • Sandrails are extremely safe vehicles. So, despite what you may imagine at first, you should know that Sandrails can safely climb on hills. They offer drivers comfort also when driving on sand dune.

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  • Sandrails are some of the lightest vehicles that were designed until today. They only weight between 800 and 1500 pounds.
  • A Sandrail commonly uses high flotation smooth or farm implement front tires and special rear paddle tires.
  • This is the only vehicle which can skim over the surface of sand without getting stuck.
  • Sandrails have a rather interesting design. The design offers favorable weight distribution and traction.
  • Most Sandrails use manual transmission, even though automatic transmissions are popular as well.


Sandrails come today with a wide range of accessories to improve their usability, functionality and performance. These vehicles are absolutely impressive and if you are going to have the possibility to drive such a car you will fully understand why.

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Sandrail Adventures Caught On Video

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Sandrails are so much fun! Since the end of the Second World War, sandrails were developed continuously by people accustomed to drive on off-road areas. Especially since the 1950s, sandrails became very popular and in 1958, Pete Beiring from Oceano, California, United States of America, gathered the frame of his old Volkswagen and transformed it in what is considered today to be the precursor of the dune buggy. In 1960, the EMPI Imp Company launched the Sportster. In the late 1960s and the early 1970, these automobiles became more and more lighter in order to ascend higher dunes easier. The motor and the transmission were at some point put in the rear of the car to create the perfect balance and comfort for the driver and passenger. Since the late 1970s, sandrails became more and more delicate and in 1978 these were already commercialized under this name, as you will see in the advertisement bellow.


In present, sandrails are often used in competitions by sand dune enthusiasts like these in the videos bellow, which you should see in order to better understand how these cars work and what’s all the fuss about them.

 A 1- year old kid performs a sandrail wheelie:

A perfect wheelie performed during a competition in California:

Sandrails can also be used in snow, as you will see in the next video:

A sandrail in fresh snow:

p style=”text-align: justify”>As you can see, sandrails are fun, but they might also become dangerous if the driver doesn’t have full control of the car. You can see a few terrifying situations in which sandrails were involved in the videos bellow.

A sandrail rolls over during a competition in Utah:

A Volkswagen sandrail has a crash:

If you consider sandrails entertaining, you can drive one without any problem, but you need to pay attention to safety and to be careful while behind the wheel.

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Sandrail For Passionate And Experienced Drivers

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The sandrail is one of the favored vehicles to use in desert areas. The thing about this machine is that it is designed so that it can over come the natural impediments of driving on sand. For passionate drivers, trying out a new driving device can be really fun and an experience to look forward to. There are many locations all over the world in which you can rent out a sandrail and even to enroll in a sandrail race. As said before, the sandrail is a suitable vehicle for the more experienced drivers, due to the fact that the surface on which the vehicle is worked can be quite difficult to handle. Some of the regions in America even allow this vehicle to be present in the streets. This is the case of States such as Arizona and Utah.

If you are vacationing in a region that has desert surfaces, you should inform yourself on the venues that provide the sandrail vehicles for rent. You can plan an entire afternoon on this kind of a road-trip or even a special event. Having fun while driving is mostly for those who have experience. This means that you should not leave the sandrail in the hands of an inexperienced driver or a younger member of the family, even if this seems like a very fun activity for people of all ages. In addition to this, you should know that whenever you use the sandrail, you have to wear a protection helmet. Being safe while driving in an off road area is very important, due to the fact that there are many negative instances that can occur on a surface filled with ups and downs. 

The sandrail is a really fun vehicle to try out. Prior to getting on such a vehicle for having some fun experiences, you should take into consideration all the caution measures and all the safety issues that might come up. You will be instructed on the proper usage by the renting facility, but be sure to ask all the questions you might have if you find that something is unclear.

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Sandrail Info

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Sandrails are basically lightweight vehicles that are used for off-road driving such as in the case of sand dunes. There are a number of people who use these vehicles to ride across dunes in places like Utah and California where they are prevalent. Sandrails are good for going up inclines and going down hills, built for extreme durability so they last a long time and can take a lot of physical abuse for a number of years. Space frame chassis are used in the designing phase of these vehicles so they will be able to withstand even the harshest most unstable terrains.

The “roll cage” which is an integral part of the vehicle’s design makes for one of the more prominent safety features which come in handy when encountering potentially dangerous situations. The front tires on most of these vehicles are somewhat narrow so they will be able to really dig deep into the sand with each turn that they make. You will find that a majority of sandrails have manual transmissions, so not just anyone will be able to drive them without a little bit of practice first. A typical sandrail costs around $10,000 but they can cost as much as $100,000 for the very expensive ones that have custom designs according to the specifications of whoever is purchasing it.

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The sand rail

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A sand rail is a lightweight motor vehicle that has been specifically designed and built to travel across a variety of off road terrains. On of the most popular places to use a sand rail is in the sand dunes. Most sand rails are light weight and they use high floatation tires. This allows the vehicle to skim across the surface of the sand without getting stuck. These vehicles have a low centre of gravity which allows for easy maneuverability over the sand. Many other types of off road vehicles have a high centre of gravity making them unsuited to the uses that the sand rails can be used for.

The sand rails use an integrated roll cage and are usually built with a tubular chassis. Generally they have no doors or windows, or fenders and body panels. The engine on these type of vehicles is generally at the rear or mid mounted. The preferred engines are air cooled, and a popular engine is the Volkswagon engine from the VW beetle. Many newer and more expensive sand rails use water cooled engines.

The front tires on a sand rail can often be narrow to allow them to dig into the sand when turning. Others use farm equipment tires to gain a better flotation and to minimize the amount of sand thrown back into the vehicle. Large sand tires are used on the rear for most sand rails. You will find that most sand tails are rear wheel drive vehicles. It is more popular to use manual transmissions for racing sand rails, however automatic transmissions have been used. You can purchase a sand rail from around $10,000US to $100,000US. These vehicles are very popular. They are used for racing and for just having fun in at the beach and are at home on the road as well, although they require different levels of insurance for off and on road usage.

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The other common name for the sandrail is the sand car or desert car which is specifically designed to go fast and run quickly around corners in the sand. Jumping the vehicle over small dunes is also a great idea for the sandrail that has good suspension while those with the bigger motors would go better in straight line racing. The difference between the two racing styles can make all the difference to the way you choose to set up your sandrail and which competitions you chose to participate in. Sandrail racing has been going on for several decades now with some of the cars that are modified making some excellent and exciting speeds. With one, two or four seats there is no limit to who can join in the fun in your very own desert dwelling sandrail. Over the last few years there has been several motor vehicle clubs that designated themselves to the sand rail and fun on the sand.

You can put just about any type of motor and gear box into your sand rail kit or you can modify a car to be compatible to the regulations of the sport. Either way you chose to make your vehicle there are several safety regulations that you should follow. First is the fire hazard which can be prevented by having an extinguisher located somewhere on the vehicle. Next you will find that seat belts are very important and you should cater all of the seats to full harnesses. A roll cage is something that is very important because rollovers during racing are a common occurrence in the sport of sandrail racing. Helmets are also part of the regulations now so having a good quality helmet is something that you should consider purchasing. Like all good drivers you will want to make certain that everything is tip top before you get out against you opponents. Even the car being out of tune will cause you to lose the race which is not what anyone wants to do. Sandrail racing is fun which is why people really get out there so if you have the chance to give it a go then don’t take it too seriously and just have a good time.

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Sand rail racing

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When you are loving watching the motor cross or the four wheel drive adventures then you will also love to watch the dessert races which are using light weight vehicles that can take a pounding from the rough conditions. The sand dunes and small rocks are what can ruin a car fast however the people that love sand rail racing the most have set up clubs and specific racing areas so that you can take your sand rail, homemade or purchased from a professional so that you too can join in the fun of sand rail racing. There are of course laws, rules and regulations that you need to follow to get you passage into the racing which in some countries includes having to pass a licensing test or gaining a certificate in sand rail racing. These are great ideas for keeping the patrons save and insuring that they have a good time as well as a safe time by being prepared and having some common sense knowledge about driving in sandy conditions.

Playing with the sand rails against other vehicles in the dessert dwelling class is also fun for people because you can see the real difference between the sand rails performance and the performance of the other car. It is almost like comparing racing go carts to sedans from the roads who are trying to make it through all terrain to get to the finish line first. The bigger the car the clumsier it can be especially against the small and nimble sand rails. You can design your own by using the frame of a small car and big oversized tires to get you through the sandy and rocky conditions. If you are interested in getting involved in the sad rail action then you should take a trip out to the desserts of America to see them rip up the terrain with their little buggies. It is great fun to watch but even more fun to do at the time.

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Enjoy the Sandrail fun

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Having some wild fun is what everyone needs to get up to every now and again to blow off a little steam and driving a sandrail through the dessert dunes in one of the most fun things to do on four wheels. The sandrail is a vehicle that was designed for driving fast through sandy terrain and is a vehicle that has been used in many famous dessert races throughout the world. From Australian desserts to the African plains these super cars travel at high speed over very rugged ground in an attempt to cross first over the finish line. Low to the ground with big two stroke or four stroke motors the sandrail can be modified to any specifics so that you can either get great speed out of the car or great height for jumps.

There is two kinds of races that the sandrail is commonly known to participate in over the usual dessert, rock and muddy terrain. The first race is a more simple form of racing where the participant has to race from one end of the field to the other in the quickest time which is usually over flat surfaces and sandy type roads. The other form of sandrail racing is almost like the motor cross where the bikes need to go over jumps and other obstacles.

The sandrail can be built with good suspension so that they can take the pounding of long and high jumps landing safely for the car and the driver on rough ground. Tires are also a part of getting this perfect so that once the vehicle does hit the ground it can get traction instantly and not lose control after its time in the air. The power and torque of the motor is different between the two types of races, one being designed to push the car up the steep jumps while the other is designed for maximum speed.

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Sand rail racing

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Even though the sand rail vehicles have been churning up the desert sands for nearly 40 to 50 years in one form or another the sand rail form of racing is relatively new to the scene. With so many people of modest incomes being able to afford a cheap sand rail this option for getting into racing is easier than forking out millions of dollars in V8 race cars or super bikes. Even the drag racers have to spend a load of money to convert their vehicle into a drag racer however with a sand rail this is a completely different story. The price of buying a molded sand rail might only set you back a few thousand dollars plus the motor and gear box which you put in yourself. The other choice is to take a road vehicle and modify it with dessert tires and other safety equipment.

The sand rail is one of the cheap racing vehicles because it is basically an everyday car with a bit of get up and goes which has been modified for safety reasons in case there is a crash in the sand. The glass is taken out of most vehicles while others that are able to afford it replace the glass with non shattering safety glass. This is a good option if you do not like driving with your goggles on which keeps the rough and jagged sand particles out of your eyes. The car is also made lighter and a roll cage should be added for safety and so that you can get as much speed out of your vehicle as possible.

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Driving is fun with a new sandrail

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When it comes to good old fashioned sandrail fun there is nothing like doing up an old wreck and using the chassis and motor for the main components of the sandrail body. After making it safe in case of roll over you just about have yourself a very basic sandrail that is capable of high speeds over the soft sandy surfaces of beaches and the desert.

The sandrail has been in fashion since the 1960s and is still a fun pastime for both men and women of all ages. Seeing the sport done in racing form over long ranges is a real thrill which is also televised on many channels around several countries. Australia uses the sandrail vehicles in its cross country races through the deserts and America have the same idea with its tournaments. There are even military style sandrail vehicles that are lightly armored and used throughout certain military conflicts around the world.

Both fun for the children and adults you can get into sandrail driving and a club for as little as a few thousand dollars. The manufactured sandrail vehicles that you find advertised can be up to ten or even fifteen thousand however you can get away with using one that you have made yourself with cheaper parts as long as it is compliant with the safety regulations.

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