Design your own sand rail

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Fun in the sun is all there is about the ultimate in dessert dwelling machines the sand rail which has been a developing recreational activity for the last few decades. Whether you want to get into the full racing of sandrail cars or you are just interested in having some fun you will always have a good time where the sand rail comes into play.

The first thing you need to d is decide if you want to purchase a second hand sand rail and then do it up or you can start from scratch and make your own version of sand rail which will be a construction partly of your own design. The principle for making these cars is a basic blue print design so it is easy for new comers to get started.

Once you have your sand rail and are ready to take it out into the sandy parts of the country you should try to find other members of the sand rail club that might like to join you for a ride and possible be able to give you helpful hints about how to maintain your sand rail and where to go for the best sand rail fun.

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